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The Spiritual Significance of Growing Your Hair Long

• Hair is an antenna that absorbs energy from the Sun and transmits to deeper meditation, visualization, or other manifestation practices.
• Brings cosmic energy and raises your vibration
• Memory, stamina, physical energy, and patience
• More energetic and upbeat
• Stronger sense of intuition and premonition.
• Keeping hair up during the day aids in the process of absorbing the solar energy
• Keeping hair down at night helps in absorbing the lunar energy
• Braiding hair at night balances the electromagnetic field

The ancient wise men and women were fully aware of the spiritual nature of hair. They knew that when we allow our hair to grow to its full natural length, we invite the energy of spiritual, physical, and emotional growth.
That is why a person who has never cut their hair and maintained it well, possesses a natural calmness.