We are now at the beginning

We are now at the beginning of the return of remembering how to use white magic to create new earth just before the planet enters the next cycle of time.

But the magi’s powers are only accessible once an individual has transcended the ego. The ego will not be able to use the power of white magic, and all that is created and gained through fear or desire will be void, acting as a protective failsafe to prevent the egoic manifestations.

When magic is used to bring results for the magician or their client through desire or fear, it leads to more negative karma and deviation from the ultimate goal of the soul’s liberation and the individual transcendence of the illusory world of the matrix.

A master must never return to the earth plane, and remain in the light, allowing the mind and body to function through the ray of light that is connected to the Source. One must remain transcendent of the holographic matrix field in order to master magic at its full capacity and manifest only from the place of Pure Light and union with the Source.


  • Lin Ajna G o m n t u

    fra Indtil næste gang, bliv guidet af din sjæls lys, og elsk med hele dit væsen!
    Velsignelser og taknemmelighed, @Kesszero @Lisa @Lin @Thor @Laura @Anna-Maria.
    Videredistribution til ikke-kommerciel brug er udtrykkeligt ønsket.
    Som altid og overalt: Tro ikke på noget, test alt, og behold det bedste.
    Træk vejret dybt og lev i velstand og harmoni.
    🧐Encoder, 🧐Decoder and 🧐Deprogrammer

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