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Rainbow flags

How around flies the flag? Symbolism has strong meaning. When you see all the rainbow flags, you realize that many the symbolism you can understand zero. Just mindlessly put on display. Every color has a meaning. Originally, seven colors were considered the basis, and for some, eight. The arrangement of the colors plays an important role. What is on top has a high priority for the performer. So it is no coincidence that 60-70 years ago violet was on top, violet stands for Spirit.

It is also no coincidence that for decades in the circle of pedophiles, child murderers, people traders, recently also with the NWO drivers in (new world order) just the upside down rainbow flag is a recognition symbol… Pink or red above means first priority is sex or life

Coincidentally, the original (purple, spirit above) is disappearing more and more. According to the motto, who waves the swastika flag because he finds it beautiful but does not understand the meaning, but sends an extremely negative sign to his environment.


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