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❌💀❌ ~ Monster Energy ~


~ Monster Energy ~

The ingredient list is lengthy. Each flavor has different ingredients, these are from the original. Here are some side effects:

Sugar (causes cancer, inflammation, heart disease, weight gain, skin problems, diabetes)

Citric Acid (Neurological damage, confusion, chest pain, heart disease, fatigue, numbness, tumors/cancers)

Natural Flavors (Shortness of breath, neurological damage, reproductive harm, skin diseases, cancer/tumors)

Sodium citrate (Muscle spasms, vomiting, fluid retention)

Panax ginseng (hypertension, headaches, nausea, insomnia)

L-Carnitine/L-Tartrate (abdominal cramps, vomiting, fishy body odor, muscle pain/weakness, diarrhea)

Sorbic Acid/ Benzoic Acid (intestinal obstruction, destroys mucus membranes, skin allergies)

Niacinamide (gas/ bloating, dizziness, headache, rashes)

Sucralose (chlorinated sucrose derivative, diabetes, IBS, crohns, leaky gut, cancer/tumors, weight gain)